Frequently Asked Questions:

1)  How do I book an appointment?

'Simply  Click Here to complete the "Contact Us" form with the following information:

A)  First & Last Name
B)  Voucher Number

C)  Best Contact Phone Number
D)  General Days/Times Desired


2)  What is the wait time?
We are prioritizing Guests based on voucher expiration dates.  At this time, we are booking according to the following schedule:

•February/2016 Expiration

     Contacting Now

•March/2016 Expiration
     Contacting Now

•April/2016 Expiration

     BodyGEM will contact you March/2016


Earlier booking is available on weekdays during daytime hours (ie, 11am to 2pm)


Members and BodyGEM Gift Card Holders are being booked normally. 



Voucher Holders have the option to accept the substituted service(s)  or receive a refund directly from Groupon.
Facials, Body Exfoliation and  Facial Spa Packages will remain the same.
However, the following substitutions apply:

60-Min Massage (OS) will be replaced with a 60-Min Facial (RS)
Mani/Pedi (OS) will be replaced with a Facial & Pedi Combo (RS)

4)  Can I book an appointment using multiple vouchers?

It is against Groupon policy to honor more than one voucher from the same published deal.  (Ie, Cannot combine a massage and a facial from the same offer).

 However, BodyGEM offers services at the Groupon price, which can be bought directly via BodyGEM.


  • BodyGEM is currently booking via a 'Wait List' for Voucher Holders.  

  • Members and Gift Card Holders are booking normally.  

  • Here are a few helpful tips to assist in expediting the booking process....